What We Do
Proficiently moving with focus and precision, L.I.B. Tax Service will work diligently and with quality precision and integrity to ensure your financial needs are met..

We provide consulting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services including individual, business, and corporate taxes. Proficiently moving with focus and precision, L.I.B. Tax Service will work diligently and with quality precision and integrity to ensureyour financial needs are met. We can work remotely and in person, along with the many other options at our disposal to communicate, depending on the circumstance. A lot of what we do is numbers and relationship-based so we work hard to ensure expectations are exceeded in these areas and that all questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Our Services

Payroll Services

L.I.B. Tax Service provides complete Payroll Services and varying Financial Consultations. If you find your company or organization growing rapidly, or could use a little help when it comes to payroll – we can work together to help achieve a Payroll related service, solution, or system! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and/or your company.

Our Servivces

Tax Filing Preparation

(Individuals, Small Businesses, and/or Corporations) L.I.B. Tax Service offers all tax preparation AND filing needs! We understand how important it isto have all the numbers and paperwork in proper order when it comes to accounting, tax preparation, and filing. This is one of the reasons we pride ourselves on moving with efficiency and integrity. Having the knowledge and experience we have gained in this field and the genuine care we have for people makes us all the more eager to share with those looking for that resource. Connect with us today to learn more!

Our Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Looking for Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for yourself, your company, organization, or non-profit? L.I.B. Tax Service enjoys taking care of ALL financial needs and building an enduring and trust worthy relationship with our clients. Through experience over the years, our team has built a successful and well-ordered set of systems, policies, and consultative teachings surrounding Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Financial needs with proven successful application. Contact us to learn more!

Our Servivces

Preventative Bookkeeping Training Course/Consult

A lot of the time, as specialists we are brought in as consultative experts to help clean up a mess in the financial area of a business - and we are happy to do so! Through our experience over the last 20+ years, we did start to notice a large gap that presented commonly in a lot of the problems we have seen in the financial world. This “gap”, or “problem”, seemed specifically related to the proper setup of a systematic financial system from the beginning for any persons and/or business. As a natural result, we developed this training course as a resource to help PREVENT some of the major problems we have seen develop from these gaps. L.I.B. Tax Service is the only place you can find this Preventative Bookkeeping Training Course so contact us today to book our next course before spots fill up!

Our Services

Any Other Accounting Needs or Services

Accounting and Financial Services of any kind can mean a variety of things. We at L.I.B. Tax Service want to ensure that you know we will work hard and thoroughly to ensure any and all accounting and financial needs for yourself as an individual, and for your company or organization are met with diligence and intentional care and purpose. We don’t believe there is such a thing as a stupid question, so please feel free to start by asking what’s on your mind regarding anything financial. From incorporating a business, all the way to our preventative training course built to help equip you and your team, L.I.B. is focused on providing quality services and informing and educating clients on systematic accounting and tax preparation appropriate for each financial need.

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