About Us

What We Believe

We believe God is present in all we do, no matter how big or small. We also believe that most of life is relationship-based and it is the quality of our relationships in life that matters, not the quantity.

L.I.B. offers a Preventative Book keeping Training Course along with 5 other main consultative services (listed on our “Services” tab above) and in a customizable and personable way including every possibility in between to meet all your accounting or tax preparation needs! Our headquarters is based out of the amazing city of San Antonio, Texas, and we provide consulting, book keeping, and tax preparation services to surrounding areas and further. With an expansion to the Hill Country, Boerne, Austin, and further developing areas in Texas and beyond dancing on the horizon, we are excited about the future as we enjoy building new relationships with the community, clients, and partners!  

Meet Our Team

Withover 40+ years of combined experience in the tax preparation field, our team here at L.I.B. Tax Service will work hard for you alongside our current clients with joy and success!

At L.I.B., we believe in not just helping our clients, but welcoming them and building long-lasting relationships. We stand for sharing the knowledge we have accumulated through our years of experience while personalizing the relationship we have with you as a client, a company or organization as a whole, and as an individual human being. One of our strong beliefs here at L.I.B. is that everything is relationship-based and we genuinely want to bring a caring, calm and peaceful comfort to you and your organization when it comes to any worries or concerns in the financial sector of your life.


Meet David | Our CEO

Our owner David Perales prefers you call him David! With enough puzzles in life, David and L.I.B. Tax Service believe your financial peace should not be another jigsaw puzzle to frustrate you or take up your precious time that could be better spent running your business and focusing on stability and innovation. David has expertise as a bookkeeping consultant who can provide not only accounting but also preventative accounting. With L.I.B. offering our Preventative Bookkeeping Training Course annually and quarterly, David can help adapt and adjust to what works best for the schedule with the remaining spots open, and with each client’s schedule. Reach out to David today to learn more about other areas in accounting or finance you might have questions or concerns about. David loves questions and if he doesn’t have the answer, he will find it for you!

Our Team

Meet Audrie | Our Tax Preparation Specialist & Partner

Audrie Miranda is one of the most reliable, dedicated, and caring individuals we have the pleasure of working with as a contributing partner here at L.I.B. Tax Service LLC! As an individual may grow into a family or a business into a large corporation, Audrie and L.I.B. understand there is a need to be pliable and enjoy being able to exceed those needs and expectations! As one of our partners at L.I.B. Tax Service, and with over 20 years of experience in the accounting field, specifically the tax preparation services arena, Audrie believes in building long-lasting relationships with her clients regardless of the size, simplicity, or complication of their needs. By remaining a steady rock in the stream of water known as the taxation and financial world, Audrie is a refreshing and pleasant specialist to work with and her caring heart, steady hands, and knack for numbers will bring value to any client of hers! Contact Audrie today with more questions.

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